Rhode Island ignition interlock device


SoundFX is your local Intoxalock breathalyzer certified installer. Intoxalock systems are the best breathalyzer systems in the market. Reliable systems with easy fast economical recalibrations. You can trust the experts at SoundFX to carefully integrate the breathalyzer device into your car, and demonstrate how it works.

Rhode Island Laws have recently changed requiring first time DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device into their personal device. The process is easy. Simply call Intoxalock and create your account and billing information. Monthly plans will be discussed and chosen. Next choose a SoundFX location to have your installation performed. Our installation charges vary from $95 and up. Certain vehicles with special ignition systems, remote starters, and European models may or will require additional labor. Your vehicle will be returned to you the same day, and a tutorial will be given. Each month, the state requires you to recalibrate your device. This process only takes 15 minutes, and is only $15 to perform it.

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